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Here are some cool things I've helped build!

Xtreme Xmas Code

A knitted star pattern representing Xtreme Xmas CodeCheck out Xtreme Xmas Code!View source on GitHub

Have you ever been savoring your Advent Of Code calendar, keyboard dusted with sugar cookie crumbles, reindeer curled at your feet, and found yourself wishing the puzzles were wilder? More challenging? MORE XTREME??

Well ho-ho-hold that thought because this is the mod for you!

Xtreme Xmas Code is a mod/companion app for Advent of Code, a delightful Advent calendar of small programming puzzles created by Eric Wastl. With it you can record your Advent of Code progress and each day get an additional modifier to that day's AoC puzzle. For example, you may be challenged to complete that day's puzzle using a language you've never used before, or without reassigning any variables.

Additionally, the mod scores each game based on how you use your reroll tokens and provides leaderboards for ranking games based on this score. I hope this will provide a brain-stretching leaderboard experience that isn't tied to a strict time schedule.


The Audiopile logo - overlapping multicolored sine wavesCheck out Audiopile!View source on GitHub

A simple, professional tool for managing audio in the cloud

A question for all the musicians, podcasters, and other audio professionals of the world: How often do you want to privately share a piece of audio with specific people?

Maybe it's a completed but unreleased track you're sending to a client for final approval. Maybe it's a recording of just your voice that you're sending to your collaborators to mix in to a final project. Or it's a project you've been working on that you're sending to a friend with fresh ears for an opinion. Heck, maybe it's just a tune that came to you in the shower that you recorded on your shower phone (people have those, right?) and want to listen to later on your studio computer.

In any case, do you know how to get that audio from wherever it is now to wherever it needs to get to in a form that can be easily used?

Now you do: Audiopile

Wyrld Dashboard

Peli, the Far Reach Co. mascot, holding a bookCheck out Wyrld Dashboard!View source on GitHub

Wyrld Dashboard provides fast and unobtrusive cloud-based tools for tabletop role-playing games (RPGs) like Dungeons & Dragons

Some of the tools we provide (or are planning to build) include:

  • - A database for holding and sharing information about RPG settings (worlds and their underlying rules)
  • - A user interface (UI) for game masters (GMs) to build and share custom RPG settings
  • - A UI for players to connect with the worlds shared by their GM and to create and control certain assets (i.e. their characters and personal notes)
  • - Tools (character sheets, dice, event trackers, etc.) for GMs and players to interact with their worlds
  • - A virtual table top application for sharing visual game information (such as maps, character position, and turn order)
  • - Tools for creating and sharing AI-generated portraits and maps
  • - An extensive (200+ pages) compendium of D&D-compatible content
  • - A framework in which other content creators can share, license, and profit from their work

My partner Julian and I also use this project as an excuse to play with cool technology (for instance this is where we first started using the Rust programming language)

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