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StarCrossed is a tool for finding a spot in the universe special to two people. I built it as an experiment with Deno KV (an edge-enabled, globally distributed key-value store), as my entry in the Deno KV Hackathon

StarCrossed is inspired by the concept illustrated in this xkcd comic:

xkcd Christmas GPS comic

...but in space!

The basic idea is to input the birthdays of you and a loved one, and return a set of celestial coordinates special to the two of you

In addition to these coordinates, you'll also receive the name of the star closest to these coordinates (within 25 parsecs of Earth), a link to some more information about this star, and a link to an interactive map of the area your coordinates reside in

If the location is out of your starship's range, is too crowded when you get there, or just isn't visible from your porch, fear not! Try entering in your birthdays in the reverse order - you'll get a different response this way

Have fun!

Enter Birthdays:

StarCrossed Coordinates: 14h 39m 46s, -60° 34′ 31″

Closest Star: Alpha and Proxima Centauri

Learn more about Alpha and Proxima Centauri!

This is what it looks like in your own special corner of the universe:

This image is a static photo. To view a super cool interactive Sky Map, please allow insecure content in your browser (Safari link) or click here to view the interactive map on WikiSky

"Image of the starCrossing for 1999-08-11 x 2000-03-03

View source on GitHub

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